Welcome to Hotel Taverna Mouria of Skiathos.

Hotel Taverna Mouria is located in the heart of Skiathos, only a short walk from the port of Skiathos just off Papadiamantis street.  

In more detail, if you are coming from the port of Skiathos, you can walk up Papadiamantis street, right before the National Bank branch make a left turn to see Hotel Taverna Mouria (passing the National Bank branch take the first turn on the left and you reach the second entrance).

Coming to Skiathos is feasible either by flying using a charter flight from various European cities, or using the daily flight of Olympic Air from Athens.

You can also come to Skiathos by ferry boat or flying cat from the ports of Volos or Agios Kostandinos (bus connection to/from Athens is available).  

We wish you a pleasant stay in Skiathos and thank you for browsing through our website.